In an era when undergraduates are told that a ‘degree is not enough’, it is crucial that they hone their transferrable skills. GradTrain workshops allow students to nurture their communication skills and prepare for the job market while at the same time enable universities to fulfil their employability agenda for their students.


Public Speaking in the Professional World

This one-day workshop is specifically designed for undergraduates seeking to enhance their public speaking skills and confidence for the workplace. Led by a professional actor and an academic, this interactive workshop covers key problem areas such as overcoming nerves, voice projection and generating presence as well as advice on how to write presentations and the use of visual aids. This workshop is designed for undergraduates at any stage of their degree.

(This course is available in 2hr, 1/2 day and 1 day formats)

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Mastering the ‘Crit’


For art, design and architectural students, even a passing mention of the ‘crit’ can send them into a blind panic, yet it remains a crucial part of the design and artistic assessment process. This one-day course is specifically designed for art and design students who wish to enhance their ‘crit’ abilities. Co-run by an academic and a professional actor, students will be taken through how to prepare their design projects; how to make their internalised creative thinking ‘public’ to students, tutors and professionals, the best methods (visuals, ‘walk through’, etc.), the difference in preparation between the ‘informal’ and ‘formal’ crit, how to fit their presentation around the particular ethos and ‘crit culture’ of their institution and finally, how to answer questions on content. Participants will also work with an actor to hone their performance; they will learn how to control nerves, release tension in the body, strength the voice and improve articulation, pronunciation, diction. A mock ‘crit’ is performed at the end of the day with questions and queries from the audience. All participants receive individual feedback, a video recording of their presentation and a resources pack.

(This course is available in 2hr, 1/2 day and 1 day formats)


Networking in the Professional World


‘It is not what you know, but who you know’ we are told, and yet networking can be awkward and difficult, especially for undergraduates who perhaps feel that they do not have anything to say or offer. This half-day workshop takes students through the process of networking; teaching them how to build personal and on-line connections in a subtle and productive way.

(This course is available in 2hr, 1/2 day and 1 day formats)



Mastering that Job Interview


The interview process is obviously the most daunting part of securing a job. This interactive workshop, based on role play and best practice, will ensure that you are fully prepared when it comes to the real thing. The workshop covers CVs, cover letters as well as career advice.

(This course is available in 2hr, 1/2 day and 1 day formats, individual or group sessions)

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Communication Skills for Undergraduates


Do you struggle to convey your ideas, information and feelings? Do you only hear what you want to hear be it criticism or praise? This course offers specialised communication training to help students handle difficult situations be in an interview, meetings or negotiating with customers or clients. Drawing on role play technique and led by a professional communications coach, this one-day course will enable you to express and explain yourself, give/deliver constructive criticism and develop confidence and assertiveness.

(This course is available in 2hr, 1/2 day and 1 day formats)



Individual Sessions


We also offer one-2-one tutoring in these skills, so if you have a job interview coming up or would like to improve your public speaking, please do get in contact.