Lesley McDonagh, Head of Doctoral Research Programme, University of Westminster

We’d identified a need to support the development of public speaking skills amongst our doctoral researchers and GradTrain’s workshop descriptions looked interesting and engaging. We were not disappointed! To witness the transformation in the confidence of the participants at the end of the workshops is wonderful. Eliza and her colleagues create a supportive and safe environment for the students to work in. Eliza builds a great rapport with them and develops their understanding of the importance of effective communication in a sector where public engagement is high on the agenda.

Emmanuel, PhD student, University of Strathclyde

The training provided by GradTrain was a very timely reminder of the utmost necessity that current research students need enhance their public speaking skills given that a good chunk of their work will be communicated via presentations.

The ideal combination of an academic and one with a background in acting was a perfect blend. The time provided for participants to practice what they had learned was just awesome…. and oh the feed back was one to carry forward to enhance each candidate’s skills. The thought-provoking, yet undesired questions posed by Eliza herself gave candidates a foretaste of an academic Q & A session and how to deal with it.

I would, without any hesitation, recommend GRADTRAIN to any institution and individual. This is especially so because I found it very beneficial to me as a Cameroonian at the University of Strathclyde.

Stefano Bragato, PhD student, University of Reading

I have been looking for something like this for years. The workshop taught me concrete techniques about how to write a public speech, how to mentally and physically prepare for it, and how to perform it. This really makes a difference in the current academic job market, where you are constantly pushed to sell yourself. Oh, and in addition to this, it is really a lot of fun!

Chris, Senior Tutor, Green Templeton College, Oxford University

Eliza has run these workshops twice now at Green Templeton College. They fit ideally into our Personal and Professional Development series. While the focus is on academic presentations, there is much for students to learn that will stand them in good stead for public speaking in whatever their eventual career.

David Mitchell, PhD Student, University of Chester

I was hugely impressed by how quickly and skilfully Eliza Filby transformed a room full of strangers into a cohesive group of smiling, relaxed, active participants. Every minute of this full-day course was engaging, practical and readily applicable. Eliza pours herself into delivering the course with total commitment. She is the perfect antidote to any who expect academics to be ‘weary, stale, flat and unprofitable’; she is dynamic, refreshing and stimulating. I profited greatly from attending this course and recommend it wholeheartedly.

Alex Hough, Kings College London

It was suggested by my director at Tesco that I attend a public speaking course. After attending a GradTrain workshop, I certainly feel far more confident looking ahead to starting my commercial graduate scheme with Tesco in September. Would definitely recommend to current graduates entering the job market.

Jiahao, PhD student, Renmin University, Beijing

As a Chinese-native speaker, Eliza’s training course was invaluable. I learnt the secrets of how to perform in front of an audience and how to write a speech based on my research. I also received incredibly useful tips on diction, articulation and strengthening my voice. I would thoroughly recommend the course to non-native speakers.

Alice, KCL Postdoctoral Academic, King’s College London

I really wish that I had experienced these workshops as a PhD student instead of 2 years into a postdoctoral position. I just delivered a public talk for the first time after this workshop, for a 40+ audience of senior people from a mixed policy background and there are at least a dozen elements I can point to that I did differently and better!

Kareem, Medical PhD student, Green Templeton College, Oxford

We hosted GradTrain at Oxford University and were extremely impressed with the content, delivery, and instructional nature of the event. All student attendees, from engineers to lawyers to social scientists, came away with a solid and meaningful learning experience.

Alexandra, Geography PhD student, King’s College London

I just wanted to thank you again for the really useful public Speaking course you gave at King’s a couple of weeks ago, and to also let you know that I applied many of the suggested tips to a lecture I gave this week and it was the best public speaking I’ve ever done in front of the biggest audience I’ve spoken to (I actually realised I was enjoying it halfway through too!).